Will Gerhard Schröder Sing at Eurovision?

The group have not released any singles since 2006, but still perform together publicly around Spain and other countries. Las Ketchup (select “Singles” tab). The Official Charts Company. Retrieved on 24 January 2012.

année 2001 (French) . ‘disqueenfrance.com’.

Schröder’s tax policies were also unpopular; when the satirical radio show The Gerd Show released “Der Steuersong”, featuring Schröder’s voice (by impressionist Elmar Brandt) lampooning Germany’s indirect taxation with the lyrics “Dog tax, tobacco tax, emissions and environmental tax, did you really think more weren’t coming?”, it became Germany’s 2002 Christmas #1 hit and sold over a million copies. The fact that Schröder served on the Volkswagen board (a position that came with his position as minister-president of Lower Saxony) and tended to prefer pro-car policies led to him being nicknamed the “Auto-Kanzler” (car chancellor). 2002 Singles. Australian Recording Industry Association.

But under Eurovision rules, this song, which has already sold over 480,000 copies, is not eligible for entry into the Eurovision competition. All songs in the contest must be completely original and not previously released. ‘The Tax Song’ is set to the music of ‘The Ketchup Song’ – a recent international hit by Spanish girl group, ‘Las Ketchup’. Discography Las Ketchup. ‘charts.org.nz’.

The album release was delayed until the beginning of 2006. They planned to release one million copies and their record producer Queco, who also produced and wrote their worldwide single, “Aserejé”, indicated that the album displayed their original sound.

Has there been a hugely successful German band on the charts, who then had a member go solo and have a huge chart career. The charts before 1971 (singles) and 1979 (album) will be added soon. I have just added the chart-run for the album-charts starting in 1979.

After the 2002 election, the SPD steadily lost support in opinion polls. Many increasingly perceived Schröder’s Third Way program to be a dismantling of the German welfare state. Moreover, Germany’s high unemployment rate remained a serious problem for the government.

A young German satirist is making a bid to represent Germany in next year’s Eurovision song contest by impersonating Gerhard Schröder. it generated several Top 20 hits in the music charts in Germany, thanks to the impressionist talents of its creator, Elmar Brandt, as well as enough controversy over the show’s good taste for it to receive newspaper coverage around the globe, despite the limited international appeal of German political humour. In 2002, the German comedian Elmar Brandt wrote (using the tune of Aserejé) a Gerhard Schröder parody called “Der Steuersong” (The Tax Song) for the radio program The Gerd Show.

  • Discography Las Ketchup.
  • Schröder’s critics accused him of enhancing, and campaigning on, anti-American sentiments in Germany.
  • Las Ketchup is a Spanish family pop girl group, founded by flamenco producer, Manuel Ruiz.
  • German impersonator Elmar Brandt’s latest piece of political satire mimicking the German chancellor is currently number one in the German charts.
  • The hit also had an accompanying dance.

The second single became “Kusha Las Payas” with moderate success. The group re-released the Ketchup Song later in the same year, with a new video, as a Christmas song. In the summer of 2002 they had a major flamenco Europop fusion hit with “Aserejé” (released as “The Ketchup Song” in the UK and other countries), which reached the top of the charts in many countries including Spain, Portugal, Colombia, UK, Italy, Greece, France, Finland, Turkey, Syria, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Philippines, Switzerland, Germany, Romania, and Australia. However, it failed to hit the Top 40 on the U.S.

When Schröder left office Germany had 2,000 troops in Afghanistan, the largest contingent from any nation other than the United States, Britain, France, Canada and after 2 years Afghanistan. Schröder joined the Social Democratic Party in 1963. In 1978 he became the federal chairman of the Young Socialists, the youth organisation of the SPD.

As Chancellor, Gerhard Schröder was a strong advocate of the Nord Stream pipeline project, which aims to supply Russian gas directly to Germany, thereby bypassing transit countries. The agreement to build the pipeline was signed two weeks before the German parliamentary election. On 24 October 2005, just a few weeks before Schröder stepped down as Chancellor, the German government guaranteed to cover 1 billion euros of the Nord Stream project cost, should Gazprom default on a loan.

Billboard. Eventually Las Ketchup would be a tiny memory in the United States. Still worldwide, the trio became instant rivals to another Spanish female trio, Lunae, who released their debut single in Europe at the same time in 2003. The title and part of the lyrics were in Spanish. The hit also had an accompanying dance.


‘norwegiancharts.com’. Hung Medien. Retrieved on 24 January 2012.

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