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A dispensing device as recited in claim 35 wherein said fixing means further includes a band or strap like member which is supported on said clamping casing rearward of said circumferential recess when in operational position. a clamping casing extending about said transport tube and said transport tube being axially shiftable with respect to said clamping casing between a first position and a second position; A method as recited in claim 25 wherein said step of introducing gas includes injecting gas coaxially through said transport tube in a direction of dispensing particle flow.

uranium mining site involves backfilling of waste rock to the Lichtenberg open pit. At the former uranium mining site of Ronneburg , large scale underground and open pit mining for nearly 40 years resulted in a production of about 113,000 tonnes of uranium and about 200 million cubic metres of mine waste. Cover design for radioactive and AMD-producing mine waste in the Ronneburg area, eastern Thuringia.

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tonnes of material from the waste rock pile of the Crossen uranium mill What is left over, are the huge shut-down uranium mines, hundreds of millions of tonnes of radiating waste rock and uranium mill tailings, presenting health risks through release of radon gas and contaminated seepage. Von ihnen ausgehend stellen sich Fragen an herrschende religiöse Praktiken und theologische Deutungen. (orig.) [German] Ziel: Wir berichten ueber die Therapie mit einem neuartigen mechanischen Embolektomiesystem zur Behandlung thrombembolischer Verschluesse peripherer Gefaesse.

Variation of parameters results in a minimum required fuel cell power of 1.3 kW as well as a minimum energy density of 66 Wh/l or a minimum power density of 355 W/l for the energy storage unit, respectively. for the dimensioning of the fuel cell as well as of the energy storage unit.

Energy costs caused by heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and lighting systems, represent a significant portion of the total operating costs of a building. Energy management for commercial buildings.; Eine gute Organisation ist Voraussetzung fuer den Erfolg. A voyage to the World Wide Web for beginners; Strahlenschutz und Umweltradioaktivitaet im Internet. zielgruppengerechtes Angebot im Bereich Forschungsdatenmanagement an, das sich in erster Linie an den Bedürfnissen der lebenswissenschaftlichen Fächer ausrichtet.

(orig./AJ) [Deutsch] Patienten und Methode: 155 Patienten wurden in unserer Klinik im Zeitraum 1980 bis 1995 wegen eines Endovascular brachytherapy to prevent restenosis after angioplasty; Endovaskulaere Brachytherapie in der Restenoseprophylaxe nach Angioplastie und Stentimplantation: Eine Uebersicht Das so entstandene neue Modell zur Erklaerung von Geosynklinalen, bei dem geochemisch/petrophysikalische Prozesse in der Unterkruste eine

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The VDEW opinion poll 2001 among residential customers – An efficient marketing research tool; VDEW-Haushaltskundenbefragung 2001 – Ein wirksames Marktforschungsinstrument Lean management/lean production wishes to attain more through intelligent operation system/production at less expense (personnel, materials, energy, costs). A prediction and assessment of the suitability of the mixtures is made and the still unknown material properties are shown, which are required for detailed evaluation.

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12, conduit 42 extends up from its connection 100 with tube 28 and into cavity 40 of headpiece 34′ as in the earlier embodiment. 12 shows an alternate embodiment of the dispensing assembly 22′ of the present invention. Accordingly the present invention presents an apparatus and method that assures an excellent freedom from dust contamination, as well as fast and virtually complete removal of particle material.

Gene expression analysis of the EIL/EIN 3 genes in the pear revealed subfunctionalization for several PbEIL genes derived from whole genome duplication. Subsequently it was found that both whole genome duplication and tandem duplication events significantly contributed to the EIL/EIN 3 gene family expansion. Twenty-eight chromosomal segments of EIL/EIN 3 gene family were found in four Rosaceae species, and these segments could form seven orthologous or paralogous groups based on interspecies or intraspecies gene colinearity (microsynteny) analysis.

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