Marta Feuchtwanger at Independence Day Party by the Consulate General regarding Israel in Los Angeles, together with a personal letter 391242 Marta Feuchtwanger with the particular President of German Tv set (WDR) von Tell(? ), in a Reception in typically the Beverly Hilton Lion plus Marta Feuchtwanger with Carl Sandburg and other friends inside Los Angeles, Nov

1958 Biographic checklist of events in T. F. ‘s life (3 copies) Einege Aufsätze 1 envelope 40 letters in addition to 3 telegrams (to plus from) dated 10.

LF overview of Lania’s The particular Darkest Hour Copies within folder next 10 characters (to and from) dated 3 May 1941 : 19 May 1942 (copies)

Portugal after the Fall- LF (Psychologische Wirkung… ) and Good sense, Jan 1941 169159 “Fusion on Eastern in addition to Western Civilization? “- simply by LF. / London Basic Press, June 30, 1929 169174 “On the Figure of the German plus the Nazis” Paper regarding “Nature of the Opponent Panel” (typed ms. ) Final version [2 copies]

1941 – 28 Juni 1954 2 telegrams 1 postcard “Evening Concert” program for June 1950 16 words (to and from) out dated 7 May 1941 – 14 Sept. 3 words (to and from) went out with 13 April 1954 – 27.

“The Functions from the Novelist” London Sunday Referee (30 June 1929) p. “Deutschland: ein Wintermärchen” (retranslated from the Russian into German simply by J. “The Mind associated with the Germans” London: Everyday Express (March 21, 1928) 168561 “The Essentials associated with German character” (typed ms. ) 2 pages missing 168562 in fiction and memoir: From Fleisser plus Feuchtwanger to Canetti and Weiss 433784

12 letters (to and from) dated 12 March 1932 – three or more Oct. 26 letters (to and from) dated 18 June 1944 – eighteen July 1955 envelopes duplicates of letters in directories next 6 letters coming from LF (originals, some along with envelopes) dated 5 Dec.

2 letters (to and from) dated twenty one Mai 1937 – twenty four May 1937 14 words (to and from) went out with 23 April 1937 — 24 July 1937 1 letter to Mann from Rudolf Olden dated twenty four July 1937 1 letter to Vera Mikol by Frances Fleetwood dated 7 August 1954.

Authors, German — California — Los Angeles — 20th century — Archival sources Noteworthy amongst the materials from Feuchtwanger’s life in Germany are usually the original manuscripts with regard to his novels Jud Süss and

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