Can Dogs Get Acid Reflux? How to Identify and Heal Doggy Heartburn

If you notice that your dog’s breath is just horrible, but there are no other factors, you might want to keep your eyes open for other acid reflux symptoms (see above). The next step, after pain and loss of appetite, will be weight loss. Many other things can cause your dog to lose weight as well, but you’re likely to be able to tell the difference. This is especially the case if you’ve already seen prior symptoms of what you suspect is acid reflux. If left untreated, acid reflux can damage the dog’s mucous lining of the esophagus and cause greater problems.

Before you treat acid reflux in your dog, visit your vet for a diagnosis, especially if your dog has serious symptoms like vomiting regularly or whining when swallowing. Once your dog has been diagnosed, start it on a low-fat, low-protein diet, which will be easier on its stomach. You should also space out your dog’s food into several smaller meals throughout the day, which will prevent it from over-eating and getting acid reflux.

Here’s Another Reason To Not Feed Your Dog From The Table

Until such studies are published, acid suppression should be restricted to dogs and cats with renal disease that have additional risk factors for ulceration or when concern for severe GI bleeding (eg, melena, severe iron deficiency anemia) or vomiting‐induced esophagitis exists. In an ex vivo model of acid‐induced mucosal bleeding in dogs, sucralfate was effective in promoting repair of the gastric mucosal tissue when applied at the time of or shortly after acid‐induced injury.117 Sucralfate also may provide a barrier for bile salts. Sucralfate is known to stimulate prostaglandin production in the gastric epithelium. This may be a potential secondary effect of sucralfate in the esophagus, although the importance and effectiveness of sucralfate as an agent for the treatment of erosive esophagitis is not as established as it has been for H 2 RAs or PPIs.

A good vet will suggest eliminating potential allergens from your dog’s diet, which means that you’ll want to look for a dog food that doesn’t have gluten, rice, soy, and GMOs. In addition, you’ll also want to stay clear of preservatives, colorings, additives, and emulsifiers, all of which are common in commercial dog foods. Your dog will need to be regularly monitored for reflux.

Anytime you suspect that your pet is in distress, it is a good idea to have your veterinarian check him out. Acid reflux symptoms are similar to symptoms of other illnesses, so your dog should be examined as soon as possible. By feeding a healthy diet and not allowing your pet to gorge on food, you may be able to keep him from ever developing this problem. If he is overweight, talk to your vet about a reducing diet.

  • This will help with the acids.
  • The most common sign of acid reflux in dogs is the vomiting of bile or regurgitation of undigested food shortly after being consumed.
  • They’re also not as effective as other medications your veterinarian can prescribe such as acid suppressants.
  • Patients that have undergone previous surgery also show a higher incidence of GER (Galatos and Raptopoulos, 1995a,b).
  • The more components you include, the longer it will take him to break down and digest everything.
  • She has been so terrible since we got her.

This should help with the general health of the gut lining and will certainly do no harm. I wonder if you could help me. My little dog who is nearly 15 is suffering from bad acid reflux. He is on 15 mg of Zantac twice daily. He had a bad 2012 losing his brother and had lots of issues with his mouth.

What Is Acid Reflux?

It is fine to try it, but if it is not working I would stop. The acid is produced for a reason and is generally beneficial to a healthy digestion, not a problem in itself to be treated. By “acid reflux” you could mean throat and swallowing symptoms, but these might be down to his mouth issues. Symptoms can include vomiting, whining or yelping while swallowing, a lack of appetite, and weight loss. After meals, your dog might be gassy, or gagging, or lethargic.

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Since dogs often do not show external signs of pain, the pain is often much worse than it seems. Long-term acid reflux can lead to weight loss and loss of appetite since dogs do not want to do what is causing them pain of overeating. Be aware of the symptoms and make changes in the diet if necessary to improve the health of your dog. The most effective treatment of acid reflux is often by administering the diet by reducing the fat content and feeding smaller meals.

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