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Biphenyl derived Schiff-base vanadium(V) complexes with pendant OH-groups‒structure, characterization and hydrogen peroxide mediated sulfide oxygenation. Phosphine complexes of aluminium(iii) halides – preparation and structural and spectroscopic systematics. Application of three-coordinate copper(i) complexes with halide ligands within organic light-emitting diodes that exhibit delayed fluorescence. Solvent effects on the buildings and magnetic properties associated with two doubly interpenetrated metal-organic frameworks.

Iron-catalysed homo- and copolymerisation of propylene: steric influence of bis(imino)pyridine ligands. Assessing the reactivity associated with sodium alkyl-magnesiates towards quinoxaline: single electron transfer (SET) vs. Amino group mixed P/Ge and P/Sn Lewis pairs: synthesis and dipolar addition reactions to alkyne and aldehyde molecules. Man made, structural, and computational research of N-alkyl benzo-2, just one, 3-selenadiazolium iodides and their particular supramolecular aggregates.

Cycloaddition reactivity studies of first-row transition metal-azide complexes plus alkynes: an inorganic click on reaction for metalloenzyme inhibitor synthesis. Synthesis and reactivity of electron poor allenes: formation of completely natural frustrated Lewis pairs.

Dynamic neighbouring involvement of nitrogen lone sets on the chromogenic behavior of trans-bis(salicylaldiminato)Pt(ii) coordination programs. 1, 8-Bis(silylamido)naphthalene complexes associated with magnesium and zinc synthesised through alkane elimination side effects.

Reactions associated with dimethylzirconocene complexes with the vicinal frustrated P/B Lewis pair. Catalyst design for iron-promoted reductions: an flat iron disilyl-dicarbonyl complex bearing weakly coordinating η( -(H-Si) moieties. Chiral phosphonite, phosphite in addition to phosphoramidite eta6-arene-ruthenium(II) complexes: application to the kinetic quality of allylic alcohols.


Utilization of a new ligand containing 2, 2′-bipyridyl and tetrazolate groups in order to construct a 2D Co(ii) coordination polymer: spin canting and metamagnetism. Crystal structure, DFT, spectroscopic and biological activity evaluation of analgin complexes with Co(ii), Ni(ii) and Cu(ii).

Synthesis and characterization associated with mono- and dinuclear phenanthroline-extended tetramesitylporphyrin complexes as nicely as UV-Vis and EPR studies on their one-electron reduced species. C-C relationship cleavage in acetonitrile by copper(II)-bipyridine complexes and inside situ formation of cyano-bridged mixed-valent copper complexes. Ionic Ni(II) complexes containing the triphenylphosphine ligand and a great imidazolium cation: synthesis, buildings and catalysis for aryl Grignard cross-coupling of aryl halides.

Comparing several 8-quinolinolato processes of aluminium, titanium plus zinc as initiators regarding the ring-opening polymerization associated with rac-lactide. Polydentate chalcogen reagents for the facile planning of Pd2 and Pd4 complexes. AIE-active organoboron things with highly efficient solid-state luminescence and their application as gas sensitive components. Reactions of α-diimine-aluminum things with sodium alkynides: adaptable structures of aluminum σ-alkynide complexes.

Rare earth steel bis(silylamide) complexes bearing pyridyl-functionalized indenyl ligand: synthesis, framework and performance in typically the living polymerization of L-lactide and rac-lactide. Synthesis in addition to characterization of aryl replaced bis(2-pyridyl)amines and their copper olefin complexes: investigation regarding remote steric control over olefin binding. Copper(ii) processes of bis(aryl-imino)acenaphthene ligands: activity, structure, DFT studies and evaluation in reverse ATRP of styrene.

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Synthesis, DNA joining, cellular DNA lesion plus cytotoxicity of the series of new benzimidazole-based Schiff bottom copper(ii) complexes. First-row change metal complexes of ENENES ligands: the ability in the thioether donor to effect the coordination chemistry. Mixed-valence copper(i, ii) complexes with 4-(1H-pyrazol-1-yl)-6-R-pyrimidines: from ionic constructions to coordination polymers.

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